Just stop, Stop saying ‘yes’!

The holidays can be a stressful time of year for many people.
There’s the pressure to buy 🎁presents,
to keep up appearances 👔with family members and friends,
and don’t even get us started on staying safe while 🚘 driving on congested roads!
❌But fear not: we have a secret solution to your problem.
Say ‘No’.
Too overwhelmed to put on a 😀happy face at your work’s Christmas party?
Say No.
Not feeling the Secret Santa🎅🏽 spirit this year?
Say No.
Lacking the ⚡️energy to traverse the Christmas shopping chaos?
Say No.
Whatever it is that is making you want to say
‘Ba Humbug!’ this year….
simply say no, 👎🏽
which then allows you to say yes 👍🏼to your own inner peace.
-Your Inua Coaches 🌱

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