Our Story

We originally thought that with our backgrounds and love of all things fitness we would obviously create a company based on exercise and physical ability.

It was shortly thereafter when we went about defining our company and who or how we wanted to serve people, we discovered we aren’t a fitness company at all. In discussing our clients and how we help them achieve their goals it became more and more evident that the conversations around life, their motivation, their homes, careers, and relationships was where the magic happened.

In helping them deal with life in a new way they were able to make the physical shifts they wanted. They had the confidence to achieve more and the belief in themselves that they deserve more.
We were going way beyond squats and pushups, we were working out their soul. Our Minds were blown! We’re not a fitness co, We are a wellness company.

There is a vast difference between the two. You can find a million online trainers, nutrition plansand IG models to follow but we know the truth, you can’t rise to your true potential if you aren’t able to shift your mind, let go of your old stories and become empowered by your inner being.

So we started the work towards making a safe space for souls that can come together,all on their own personal journeys armed with tools to manage their peace,elevate their lives and be an advocate for positive impact on their section of the world.


Inua is a mindset, mission and movement.